Casual ’80s menswear from the 1983 JC Penney catalog

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Casual '80s menswear from the 1983 JC Penney catalog

Casual ’80s menswear: Marketing jazzy new loungewear lines

Fashion and custom have long offered women attractive clothing for lounging. But it’s as if history and the fashion industry turned their backs on men.

What does a man put on when he takes off his business suit or sports jacket and casual slacks?

Geoffery Blythe of the Red Barn says, “We don’t have loungewear; we have sleepwear — pajamas, nightshirts and robes. For lounging, a jogging outfit is good. Every college kid is wearing one; they can sit around the fraternity house in it, then go out for a beer without changing.”

Tracksuits and activewear the stars of casual ’80s menswear

As more and more people took up jogging, they also put on outfits designed especially for it. And they liked them, says Michael Dorris, assistant manager at Marjax Enterprises at Long Ridge Mall in Greece.

“It’s a hit, absolutely; there’s no question about it,” he says. People buy jogging suits for both lounging and jogging.

Pam Pugliese, sales representative for menswear designer Ron Chereskin, certainly hopes so. Chereskin’s line of mauve, purple and blue cotton velour jogging suits was introduced this year in the $90 price range in such “forward fashion” men’s shops as Casa de Hombre, on Oxford Street. The success of the line, which sold out immediately, may indicate an eager market for men’s loungewear.

– Adapted from The Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York) – March 27, 1983

Casual '80s menswear from the 1983 JC Penney catalog

Casual ’80s menswear from the 1983 JCPenney catalog

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