Actress Billie Burke says look only for the best

First word: Train your eyes to see only the best.

I wonder if you realize that your eyes are being trained all the while to pick out certain things which form the everyday pictures of life about you. Two people will go along the same road and see totally different things. One will pick out the best, and the other the worst.

One of the greatest illustrations of this eye training is the way in which we first dislike a fashion, and then after seeing it on our friends, come to like it — and, at last, reluctantly put it aside for something new.

You can remember how you laughed the first time you tried on one of the hats that came down over your head. You would probably laugh just as heartily today if you should find one of your old head covers and perch it up on your crown. Your eyes have become accustomed to the hat which covers the head and you like it.

It is said that people with scarred and marked faces become so accustomed to them that they have no idea of how the sight of them affects others, and it is very probable that we become accustomed to our small imperfections of physique that we forget about them.

Once in a while when I am shopping, I take a little time and study the faces of the women about me, for you know it is much easier to see a fault in others than in yourself, and after you have found it in the other woman, you can look over your own face and see if you have it or not.

One of the things which girls and women neglect more than almost anything else are their eyebrows, and yet, nothing will mar a face more than ugly eyebrows. Eyebrows, to be fine, should curve slightly over the eyes and have plenty of space between them over the nose. The hair should be of uniform length and dark in color. Every woman in the land can have nice eyebrows if she wants them, but only about one woman in ten does have them — consequently she must look at them with unseeing eyes many times a day.

The ugliest eyebrows are those which meet over the nose, as they make one look very hard. This can easily be obviated by pulling out the hairs with tweezers and dabbing the place with ammonia and peroxide of hydrogen. If this smarts, use a little cold cream afterward. While you are about it, pull out all the scraggly hair and shape your eyebrows to a pretty crescent, beginning wide near the nose and trailing off to a point near the temples.

In the larger cities, there are men who do nothing else than shape the eyebrows of society women and actresses. They do it with a razor and carefully shave off one hair at a time until the desired shape is reached. A friend of mine who found this rather expensive does it for herself, using one of her brother’s safety razor blades. She cuts the hairs off one by one, using no soap and water, for that would make them stiff. She tells me she only has to do this about once a month, and her eyebrows are very much admired.

I do not blame any girl who has very light scraggly eyebrows for darkening them. The best thing to use for this is mascara, a water color. Put it on very carefully, using a little brush that comes in the box with the color. This is perfectly harmless, and if used with discretion, cannot be detected, but you must train your eyes to detect the first bit of paint on your skin. Just lightly darken each hair.

Just one last word: It is the little details which make great beauty.

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: August 02, 1912

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