Beauty secret: Better eyelashes & eyebrows (1915)

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1915 pretty eyelashes

Beauty secret Better eyelashes & eyebrows (1915)

Imparts her secret for making her eyelashes more beautiful

Dame Vanity, always seeking a new beauty secret to tickle the fancy of her feminine followers, has conveyed a clever suggestion to a Los Angeles girl, which bids fair to prove a “beauty bell ringer.”

She is Miss Della Compton.

The “secret” is a simple recipe, easily applied, for the growing of long eyelashes, and the arching of eyebrows.

Miss Compton has found that the common toothbrush is the clever instrument with which the work is accomplished. The daily brushing of the eyebrows at regular stated times and for about the same length of time each day is responsible for the beautiful lines which fringe her deep blue eyes.

And for the much-sought, graceful arch of the eyebrow, Miss Compton offers the same prescription.

“By chance, one morning,” Miss Compton said, “I tried brushing my eyelashes. I kept it up for a couple of weeks regularly, as I have heard it is no use to try anything for beauty’s sake if you don’t give it a fair trial.

“I noticed an improvement. The eyelashes began to grow, very slowly, of course. They grew softer and prettier. Then I tried the same thing for eyebrows, figuring that what was good for the lashes should also be good for the eyebrows.

“This is my own little beauty secret, and I think it is good.”

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