Be a Pin-up girl with the Pin-up Curl! (1956)

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If you’ve never had a pin-curl permanent… here’s why you ought to try Pin-It

Just simple pin curls you can do yourself!

A Pin-It permanent is almost as easy as putting your hair up at night! You need no hard curlers. Just put your hair up in pin curls and apply Pin-It’s Waving Lotion. Later, rinse and let your hair dry naturally.

Pleasantest lotion possible today!

Pin-It is wonderfully different! You can tell the minute you open the bottle. It contains absolutely no ammonia! And Pin-It’s exclusive Waving Lotion is easy on your hair so you can use it more often.

A permanent and a set in one step!

Pin-It is self-neutralizing, eliminates messy dabbing, dripping with a separate neutralizer! And with Pin-It, there’s no resetting needed! When you brush out your permanent, it’s all set in the style you want!

So soft and lovely right from the start!

Pin-It is especially designed for today’s look in hair styles. It’s soft as a pin-curl set, never tight or kinky. For a wave that’s soft and lovely from the very first day, and lasts weeks and weeks, try Pin-It!

The loveliest… the easiest wave you ever had!

Be a Pin-up girl with the Pin-up Curl!

Pin-It by Procter & Gamble… $1.50 plus tax

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