Bandana brings new fad (1922)

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Bandana brings new fad (1922)

Bandana brings new fad

Gay handkerchiefs used in various ways afford decoration that is much in limelight.
Last summer when women at one of the famous French watering places appeared with gay bandanna hand kerchiefs tied about the neck or loosely twisted to form a sash on a simple frock of silk or wool, they introduced a new fashion note. This was just the beginning of a fad for handkerchief decoration that is spreading like wildfire, and apparently lack of imagination only will limit its uses.

Almost every woman has seen the blouses made of two bandanna handkerchiefs. Gay in color, sulking in design, these are admirably adapted for wear with the sport suits of tweed or homespun. Many women are wearing these handkerchiefs as collars on frocks of blue serge or tricotine. One extremely smart-looking girl, whose frock of serge was noticed for its appearance of smart simplicity, wore a handkerchief tied about her neck with the ends slipped through a slash in the front of her waist.

The bandanna headdress, so familiar in beach costumes, is repeated in several of the most interesting coiffure decorations of the winter season. These are made of a triangle of tinsel brocade, and are brought tight about the head and tied in a knot at the left side. They give a gypsy look that is piquant and extremely fetching.

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