How to get 3 different looks: Aziza eyeshadow trio (1982)

Aziza’s eye Shadow Trio makeup

Aziza demonstrates how to get a weekend of eye looks with one Shadow Trio.

1982-Aziza eye Shadow Trio makeup

You can get terrific eye makeup mileage from just one Aziza Shadow Trio.

And it’s easy to use because the three shadow colors are coordinated to work together perfectly.

To see where each shadow color should go for the different eye looks, just follow the diagrams.

80s makeup how-to - Aziza eye shadow trio

Incidentally, for her Saturday night eyes, our model is wearing our Heather Plum Trio. It’s from a collection of 23 Aziza Shadow Trios, all smashing.

So go ahead. Pack a Trio you love and get a whole weekend of eye looks plus some others you invent yourself. And, of course, finish up with a beautiful mascara from Aziza.

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