10 fast pre-party beauty tips (1972)

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10 fast pre-party beauty tips

The guests are arriving imminently and you’re still arranging the flowers rather than yourself. Here are 10 instant face-saving beauty tips for those times when time has evaporated.

1. An aerosol can of dry shampoo rescues hair you didn’t have time to wash.

2. Your sagging set is revived by quickly rolling hair up in big sausage curls, and lightly spraying set.

3. Fast-acting 10-minute mask revs up circulation, makes skin glow.

4. Cotton pads soaked in witch hazel soothe tired eyes while mask dries.

5. After removing eye pads and mask, a few drops of Visine relieve any remaining redness.

6. A dab of special tooth whitener polish your teeth to a Hollywood-smile white.

7. New aerosol foot spray soothes tired feet.

8. One of the new creams conceals under-eye lines and circles.

9. A shade of darker [nail] polish hides the old coat you don’t have time to remove. Spray quick-dry fixative.

10. Finish makeup, comb out and spray yourself all over with a new light cologne. Answer the doorbell!

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