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Pink & yellow kitchens of the fifties

Why were pink & yellow kitchens popular inn the ’50s? Because it wasn’t enough for homeowners to decorate the kitchen with just one color – they had to combine them, for a pastel buttermint effect.

How to make a great guest bedroom (1910)
How to make a great guest bedroom (1910)

The mark of the guest room is its appointments. It should be fitted with all the comforts that art and ingenuity provide in house furnishings. Here are some vintage tips!

Young furniture that grows up with its owner (1965)

No matter how independent teenagers may sound when they’re talking about furniture, they still need guidance… Here are pieces that easily please all concerned – without a family scene. They’re in good taste and all have growth potential.

How to decorate the baby's room (2)
How to decorate the baby’s room (1917)

To furnish the baby’s room in a charming way is not so much a question of money as of taste, and a very pretty room may be devised with the expenditure of only a few dollars.

Vintage 1970s kitchen decor ideas

60 kitchen wall and floor brighteners Fresh, sunny charm Dazzle up your kitchen with today’s wall and floor coverings. Lively yellows, oranges and blues (below)

Tour a 1970s California home

Do you remember how some homes looked in the 1970s? Not the model homes featured in print magazines of the era, but the real, honest-to-goodness