5 classic stuffing recipes from 1910

The fowl and his stuffing

All the particularly delectable old-fashioned dishes that our grandfathers fattened on seemed to have been declared particularly indigestible. The moist — often soggy — stuffing, made of breadcrumbs, sage and onions, which used always to swell the sides of the Christmas turkey, is very near the top of the list of deadly indigestibles.

Potato-sausage stuffing

One toothsome substitute which is well-liked is made of a mixture of mashed potatoes and sausage meat. For a ten pound turkey are required three pints of hot mashed potatoes seasoned with finely minced parsley, celery, onion and pepper; one pint of sausage meat seasoned with sage and two eggs, which should be beaten thoroughly and mixed with the other ingredients. The turkey may then be filled and roasted.

An attractive way of serving it is to have ready large boiled onions with a shallow well in the top filled with cooked sausage, which may be placed around the turkey on the platter. Just before sending to the table, a little brandy is poured over each one and ignited, making a most festal dish.

Walnut stuffing recipe

To one quart of fresh breadcrumbs add one cup of English walnuts which have been cut into small pieces, one tablespoonful of salt and one-quarter teaspoonful of pepper. Melt two-thirds of a cup of butter in two-thirds of a cup of hot milk and combine with the crumbs. Mix thoroughly and fill the turkey at once, allowing room for the stuffing to swell.

Turkish stuffing

For this is required one cup of rice, one dozen French chestnuts, quarter pound currants, one-half cup butter, two ounces of almonds, and a quarter of a teaspoonful each of salt paprika and ground cinnamon. Wash the rice and cook until half done in boiling salted water; drain and add the other ingredients. The chestnuts, of course, will have been cooked and cut in small pieces, and the almonds blanched and chopped.

Nut and potato stuffing for goose

Mix together the following: Two cups of hot mashed potato, one teaspoonful of onion juice, one-half cup sliced walnut meats, one-quarter teaspoonful each of paprika and salt, four tablespoonfuls thick cream, one tablespoonful of butter and the yolk of two eggs. A teaspoonful of sweet herbs may be added if desired.

Chestnut stuffing recipe

Boll and mash one quart of chestnuts. Add a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, one-half teaspoonful each of chopped onion, salt and pepper, and one tablespoonful of butter. Bind with an egg.

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