Dessert recipes made with flowers (1911)

Frozen Rose Cream

Take one pint nice fresh rose leaves [perhaps means petals?], pour over half a cup of boiling water. Let steep until cold, then strain. Beat the yolks of 12 eggs, add half a cup of sugar; boil one quart of cream and pour, boiling hot, slowly over the beaten eggs and sugar. Put cream in a double boiler and keep stirring until cream comes to a boil; when cold, add rosewater. Put in ice cream freezer and freeze.

Rose Paste

Make dough as for noodles and work in as many rose leaves as dough will absorb. Roll out the paste in thin sheets, cut in strips, let them get hard and dry. Roll out again into fine crumbs. These crumbs can be used Just like sago or rice for puddings. Very nice.

Dandelion Wine

Take three quarts of dandelion blossoms, pour over them four quarts of boiling water; let stand overnight. Cut up in slices three lemons, take out seeds, add three and a half pounds of sugar. Boil all together for two minutes, put into large crock; let stand 14 days; strain and bottle. Keep in a cool place.

Recipes by Marie Wright, 1378 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: 31 December 1911

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