Classic crème caramel & homemade chocolate cream custard (1911)

Creme caramel - Vintage custard recipe
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How to make one kind with caramel — plus a recipe for chocolate cream custard

Caramel custard recipe (creme caramel)

Put a cupful of granulated sugar in a small saucepan with a tablespoonful of water. Stir until the sugar has melted. Then let it cool without stirring until it has turned dark brown, but not black. Then add one-half cupful of hot water and let simmer until the sugar is dissolved and cook to a thin syrup.

Turn one-half of the caramel into a well-buttered mold which has straight sides and a flat top, and let it get cold.

Into the rest of the caramel, turn a half cupful of hot water and let it stand on the side of the range until the caramel is dissolved. Stir four yolks and two whole eggs with three tablespoonfuls of sugar and one-half saltspoonful of salt to a cream, but do not let it froth. Add a pint of scalded milk and a half teaspoonful of vanilla. Strain this into the mold onto the cold, hardened caramel.

Place the mold in a pan of hot water and bake in a very moderate oven until firm in the center. Test it by running in a knife and watch it carefully. The water in the pan must not boil and the oven should be slow, as it will take an hour at least to cook the custard. It will then be very firm and smooth.

Unmold the custard when ready to serve. It will have a glaze of caramel over the top. Serve the caramel sauce in another dish.

Creme caramel - Vintage custard recipe

Chocolate cream custard

Use the same proportions as for caramel custard and add one and one-half ounces of melted chocolate. Break the chocolate in pieces and put them into a dry pan on the fire where the heat is moderate. The chocolate melts quickly and must be carefully watched or it will burn; add a few spoonfuls of milk to the melted chocolate to dissolve it before adding it to the custard.

Strain into a buttered mold and bake slowly the same as caramel custard. Unmold when cold and serve with whipped cream.

Chocolate flavoring can also be added to the boiled custard, using the whites as well as the yolks of the eggs.

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