Delectable new twists on traditional holiday desserts (1965)

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Santa, you’re a genius!

How did you ever find time to dream up something new in traditional holiday goodies? The Kransekake, for instance, the one near your tummy. That’s a Scandinavian cake (known as a ring, pyramid or garland cake) flavored with almond paste and sugar. When did you toss off the Orange-Fig pudding that’s steamed and spicy? Or the Cheddar Cheese Date Cake, a delectable new twist on the old-fashioned fruitcake? When did you squeeze in the Cherry-Almond Twist, a Christmas bread laced with glazed cherries and topped with almonds? Or the Christmas Fruit Ring that’s chock full of fruit and nuts?

Santa, you are a genius! And anyone else can be — see our recipes [below].

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