Citron preserves

Peel the citron, cut in convenient pieces and scald in weak ginger water, one teaspoonful of ginger to a quart of water is the right proportion. When the citron can be pierced with a straw, remove from the ginger water and drain well.

Make a syrup in this proportion: To each pound of citron, allow three fourths of a pound of sugar, and one lemon sliced, without peeling. Dissolve the sugar in a little water, only enough to dissolve it well. Place the citron in the syrup and boil slowly, until tender but not broken. Remove the citron, place in cans or jars, boil the syrup a little longer or until quite thick, then pour over the fruit. Seal or cover tightly while hot, and place in a cool, dark cellar. If cans are wrapped in paper, they will keep much better.

Dried citron

Citron may be dried in sugar and used for the same purposes as the imported citron, or fruit of the citron tree, and if properly prepared, forms by no means a poor substitute.

Peel the citron, remove the seeds, and cut in convenient pieces. Scald in ginger water, same as for preserves, drain and place in a syrup made by allowing the same quantity of sugar and lemon as for preserves. Boil slowly until the syrup has penetrated the fruit well, then drain and place on plates in a cool pantry. Cover syrup and place carefully away.

Next day, place the syrup again on the fire, drop in the pieces of citron, which by the time are slightly dry. Boil slowly until tender, then drain from the syrup and place on plates to dry. Boil the syrup until very thick, then pour over the citron. Turn the fruit every day, and when the syrup has nearly evaporated, spiinkle over the citron a little granulated sugar.

Watermelon rinds may be preserved and dried the same as citron. They also make a delicious sweet pickle.

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Source publication date: October 08, 1887

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  1. Joyce E. Burkett

    Have a Citron and my son wonts me to make perserves for him. Have never made these.


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