How to make chicken gumbo & chicken Creole (1912)

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Raw chicken prepared for baking in a plate

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Raw chicken prepared for baking in a plate

Poulette Creole

Two very fine chickens, two tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons of flour, six fresh tomatoes, six fresh green peppers, two cloves of garlic, six large onions, three sprigs of thyme, parsley and two bay leaves, one pint of consomme, salt and pepper to taste.

Take the chickens and clean nicely and cut into pieces at the joints. Season well with salt and pepper. Put the butter in a saucepan, and when it melts, add the chicken. Let this brown slowly for about 15 minutes. Have ready six large onions sliced; add these to the chicken and let them brown. Every inch must be nicely browned, but not in the slightest degree burned.

Add two tablespoons of flour; let this brown. Then add half a dozen fresh tomatoes sliced and let these brown. Cook very slowly, allowing the mixture to simply simmer (do not let boil); add chopped parsley, thyme and bay leaves and two cloves of garlic finely minced. Let all brown without burning, cover and let simmer over a slow fire. The tomato juice will make sufficient gravy.

Add half a dozen sweet peppers, take seeds out and slice very fine; stir well; let all simmer for 20 minutes at least; keep well-covered and stir often so it will not burn.

After simmering for 20 minutes, add a cup of consomme. Let it cook again for about one hour very, very slowly, over a steady fire and season again to taste; cook a few minutes more and serve hot.

Gumbo Nouvelle Orleans

To one chicken add one pound of ham; chop up both in one-inch pieces and fry in two tablespoons of boiling lard. Add four large crabs cut up, two dozen oysters, a pound of peeled shrimps; cut into this four dozen okra pods, one large onion, a little red pepper and salt to taste.

Let all simmer on a slow fire for about 20 minutes, then fill up with warm water or soup stock enough to cover contents two inches deep. Let this boil for two hours.

Serve with Louisiana steamed rice.

From Mrs. Joe Denks, 191 Douglass Street, San Francisco

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