Dream of Time

What if her dreams of the past aren't really dreams at all?

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5: “Fans of books like The Time Traveler's Wife should love Dream of Time. If you like the historical fiction, romance, or time-travel genres, this book should definitely be first on your reading list.” – San Francisco Book Review

Time travel. History. Love. Mystery.

And a woman who wakes up in the middle of it all.

Fall into the past with a “heart-pounding” & “highly-recommended” time travel novel

Each night, when Robin drifts off to sleep, she finds herself dreaming about the life of a woman in the Victorian age. She soon realizes it's not a dream at all, but she is truly slipping into San Francisco's past.

While living two lives — one as a woman in the modern day, the other as a proper young lady at the turn of the century — she discovers how she's being sent back to a bygone era is only the first mystery. A much more important question is why she's there.

With the help of a rookie police officer, Robin takes off on a spellbinding adventure, sifting through a century's worth of clues to untangle the past — and to put love to the test. History, though, proves itself a worthy opponent, and she comes to experience firsthand how destiny can be kind and cruel in the same stroke.

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“In Dream of Time, Nancy J. Price is an adept dream weaver, combining elements of historical romance, modern chick-lit, Science Fiction, time travel, mystery and a crime novel – all seamlessly into one riveting novel. The author clearly did meticulous research, because she effortlessly transports the reader back to the sights, sounds and smells of turn-of-the-century San Francisco, as experienced through the post-modern eyes of our spunky heroine, who discovers that her time traveling dreams are having a very serious impact on her present life. You know that sad and empty feeling you get when you are awakened from a delicious dream? That’s how I felt when this dreamy book was over.” – Minsun Julie Park, screenwriter & blogger – Los Angeles, California



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