The Big Birthday Calendar Book

The Big Birthday Calendar Book

The BIG BIRTHDAY CALENDAR BOOK is just the place to write down everyone’s birthdays — along with anniversaries, name days and other important dates! Keep them all in one place, and remember every special day year after year.

The Big Birthday Calendar Book looks festive and fun, and makes a great gift for all ages!

There’s plenty of room to keep track of birthdays and other special occasions. Every day has its own section, and only four dates are printed per page. The large print type makes it easy to read for seniors and young children.

BONUS! Also includes…

Quick front-of-the-book VIP birthday list of important dates – Birth stones & Birth flowers – Astrology/Western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac

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Myria's blank cookbook series

Myria’s blank cookbook series

Now it’s easy and affordable to create your own personalized cookbooks!

Each recipe page includes space for the name of the dish, number of servings, preparation time, cook time, ingredients, and lots of room for the directions.

At the bottom of each sheet, you can add your own notes (such as suggested side dishes, wine pairings, substitutions or variations), mark the difficulty level, list the recipe source, and record the date you added it to the book.

These blank cookbooks also come complete with a page-by-page recipe index to help you easily find the recipe you’re looking for. All in all, they offer you a simple way to stay organized!

Books in this series:

Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Dessert Recipes (Volume 2)
Blank Recipe Book: Slow Cooker Recipes (Volume 3)
Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Gluten-Free Recipes (Volume 5)

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