Vintage Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Nature-inspired designs from the Victorian & Edwardian eras

Vintage Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Embroidery designs from the Victorian & Edwardian eras

This is not a typical coloring book! It features authentic vintage images that were drawn a century ago.

Some of the most timeless and captivating artwork in the world is inspired by nature — and that's as true today as it was 150 years ago.

The vintage patterns in this book, made over the course of more than sixty years, show how graceful line drawings of flowers and other natural wonders can be enhanced by lines, repetition and symmetry.

Until just a few generations ago, everyday items and clothes were regularly decorated with fancy stitchery. For creative inspiration, they turned to the newspapers and magazines of the day. By combing through print archives from the 1850s through the 1910s, we found dozens of antique patterns in Victorian and Edwardian styles — featuring floral motifs, leaves and vines, flourishes and combinations thereof.

Most of these vintage designs were intended to provide suggestions for embroidery or other needlework to adorn clothing and linens, or to for the kind of knicknacks people desired long ago. We wanted to restore these antique graphics and create from them coloring pages that would appeal to hobbyists and artists today.

No matter their purpose in the past, these carefully-curated antique drawings deserve to be appreciated in the here and now… and with your help, they will!

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Large Print Adult Coloring Book #4: Big, Beautiful & Simple Patterns

Large Print Adult Coloring Book #4: Big, Beautiful & Simple Patterns

Inside are 48 letter-size pages — each one with a big, beautiful and relaxing mandala image to color. We have tried to offer you many different ways to enjoy the benefits of both simplicity and creativity.

To that end, the areas to color are larger than those found in many other adult coloring books. Some pages offer more complexity than others, but all of the designs have dark lines and plenty of space to color without the need for super-fine markers or pens.

These simpler versions of mandala designs have been chosen especially for those new to the world of adult coloring books, anyone who doesn’t want to color in complicated drawings, and those with vision or motor issues for whom less-intricate artwork is preferable.

Although relaxation and fun both come from the coloring process itself, when you finish each page, you will be left with the lasting reward of a beautiful piece of art!

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Myria's blank cookbook series

Myria’s blank cookbook series

Now it’s easy and affordable to create your own personalized cookbooks!

Each recipe page includes space for the name of the dish, number of servings, preparation time, cook time, ingredients, and lots of room for the directions.

At the bottom of each sheet, you can add your own notes (such as suggested side dishes, wine pairings, substitutions or variations), mark the difficulty level, list the recipe source, and record the date you added it to the book.

These blank cookbooks also come complete with a page-by-page recipe index to help you easily find the recipe you’re looking for. All in all, they offer you a simple way to stay organized!

Books in this series:

Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Dessert Recipes (Volume 2)
Blank Recipe Book: Slow Cooker Recipes (Volume 3)
Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Gluten-Free Recipes (Volume 5)

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