The Encyclopedia of American Last Names

How did your last name come to be — and who brought it to America? Find out in this book, featuring 400 pages of information about more than a thousand last names of the original colonists and other early settlers!

Discover information about hundreds of people who left their mark on this country — whether by fighting for it, legislating it, building it, improving it… or simply by having helped make it possible for millions of people to exist today.

Decades ago, genealogists and other researchers spent countless hours investigating and tracing the ancestries of many of the last names common in America. They paged through rare old books and referenced dusty archival documents to find the sources of these surnames, to reconstruct how and when those families arrived in the United States.

We rediscovered a wealth of information — drawing from more than a thousand different sources — and combined the best of what we found into this encyclopedia. Find out how the names were formed, and get unique insights about the families who carried the names hundreds of years ago.

Now, you can benefit from their years of research in this one book — a collection like no other. You’ll find countless threads connecting people and places, gain new perspectives on topics covered in history books, and pick up some interesting trivia. Most important of all, it might be able to illuminate your own family heritage, or provide starting points for your own genealogical journey.

It all starts with our not-so-simple heritage of last names — things that really only came into existence a couple dozen generations ago. By understanding the stories behind these names, we can learn not just about our own lineage, but get a whole new perspective on many of the real flesh-and-blood people who walked this earth long before us, and who have made it possible for us to stand here today.

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300 Vintage Pressure Cooker Recipes

Inside 300 Vintage Pressure Cooker Recipes: Dozens of Delicious Recipes for Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Plus Side Dishes & Desserts to Use As-Is or Adapt for Your Instant Pot, you really will find a wealth of good old-fashioned pressure cooker recipes for chicken, beef, pork, lamb – including roasts, casseroles and stews – as well as ideas and directions to make great soups, side dishes and desserts.

We carefully sifted through thousands of resources to rediscover these classic menu ideas and methods, so there's no other book out like this. The authentic time-honored recipes on the pages within come from 150 different newspapers and other vintage publications from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s & 1970s. They’re all sorted by category and then organized by type – and there’s a full index at the start of this book.

Most of the recipes featured are for dishes as popular today as ever – but we also left in a couple super-dated favorites just for fun. (If you’re brave enough to make the Jellied Ribbon Meat Loaf, let us know how it turns out!)

Now that you have this book handy, you can use the recipes in this collection in a manual stovetop pressure cooker, or adapt them to use in your Instant Pot® or other electric pressure cooker. Best of all, you can let them inspire your own creations!

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The Beer Lover’s Guide to Vintage Advertising: Featuring Hundreds of Classic Beer, Ale & Lager Ads from American History


Welcome, beer lovers, to a time when the brew wasn’t only something delicious to be enjoyed, but was actually celebrated as a healthy drink that sparked the appetite and helped you sleep.

Beer has been made and sold in this country since before it even was a country. In fact, as far back as the 1600s, Manhattan (then known as New Amsterdam) was home to some of the first commercial breweries this side of the Atlantic. Still, it took more than 100 years before companies regularly advertised their wares.

We dove deep into newspaper archives to find hundreds of early ads for beers and brewers  — covering the years between the American Revolution and the end of Prohibition — then put them all together to make this picture of the past. With more than 400 individual clippings, hundreds of vintage beer brands are represented! (To help you find something specific, we have also included a comprehensive index.)

All of the authentic antique images in this book were carefully chosen, then digitally restored to return them to their original glory. They’re in sections based on the date of publication, so you can easily find a specific era, or browse the ads to see how trends changed through the years.

So grab a bottle of your favorite malted beverage, and enjoy this little trip back through time. As they used to say, “After the nervous tension of a day’s work, there’s no better relaxation than a glass of good beer.”

Or a book about good beer.

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Myria's blank cookbook series

Myria’s blank cookbook series

Now it’s easy and affordable to create your own personalized cookbooks!

Each recipe page includes space for the name of the dish, number of servings, preparation time, cook time, ingredients, and lots of room for the directions.

At the bottom of each sheet, you can add your own notes (such as suggested side dishes, wine pairings, substitutions or variations), mark the difficulty level, list the recipe source, and record the date you added it to the book.

These blank cookbooks also come complete with a page-by-page recipe index to help you easily find the recipe you’re looking for. All in all, they offer you a simple way to stay organized!

Books in this series:

Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Dessert Recipes (Volume 2)
Blank Recipe Book: Slow Cooker Recipes (Volume 3)
Blank Recipe Book: Family Favorite Recipes (Volume 4)
Blank Recipe Book: Gluten-Free Recipes (Volume 5)

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