How to make a sewing needle case (1869)

antique sewing needle case

Needle-case of perforated cardboard

by Mrs Jane Weaver 

Materials: Medium-sized perforated cardboard, colored silk, and sewing silk [thread] to match.

Construction: Cut pieces of cardboard of equal size, and ornament two of these for a cover with colored silk stitches, according to #1. The other four, which are ornamented with a narrow border, are represented in #2. How to make a sewing needle caseThen, for the inside, cut six pieces of cardboard the same breadth and one-third shorter. In these, which are fastened on afterward, are placed the papers of needles.

The outer part is ornamented with a narrow border of silk stitches, and the numbers placed upon them, for which the types must be cut according to the design; a few silk stitches are places here and there to keep them firm. Each of these separate parts must be colored silk, which must be previously sewn on the upper side only. They are then sewn to the large outer parts on the long sides with stripes of button-hole stitch at very small distances, forming afterward a movable hinge.

The closed case is seen in #3 in the proper size; three eyes are placed, and a double silk cord, with tassels, is drawn through to fasten it.


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