Crocker’s educated horses, ponies & mules (1887)

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Prof. E K Crocker’s educated horses, ponies, donkeys & mules

Prof. E K Crocker and his school of educational Arabian horses will appear at Black’s opera house for six nights and two matinees, commencing Monday evening, March 7th. This is said to be the most marvelous and interesting exhibition of the age.

The Pittsburg (Pa.) Dispatch, of May 25th says:

The horse show was what may be termed an electric success, for, in spite of thunder and lightning, wind and rain, the opera house was packed from pit to dome last night Professor Crocker’s horse company gave one of the most interesting performances of the season, and well worth seeing. There are fifteen horses and three ponies, any one of which has more sense man some men. Military drills, tricks, and evidences of reasoning power are given in great variety. The applause was generous, and the actors seemed to appreciate it.

Seats are now on sale at the usual place.

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All images courtesy Library of Congress, and originally published by Courier Litho. Company, c1899

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