Classic home design: Suburban villa (1862)

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Suburban villa

Designed expressly for Godey’s Lady’s Book by Samuel Sloan, Architect, Philadelphia

The villa which we here present is exceedingly expressive of architectural style, and in its construction evidently demands some solid material, such as stone, or at least its imitation, as the principal building material.

Space will not permit us to say more in its praise then that is has made its owner a most comfortable home for a number of years, and its appearance excites the admriaton of all impassioned judges.

First floor: A fine vestibule, stair hall, drawing room, four other rooms with pantries, closets, etc; sitting room, kitchen, outside kitchen or wash-house

Second floor: Six fine chambers, bath-room, additional bedrooms

antique-home-floorplans-1862-godeys-ladys-book (2)

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