The humble beginnings of the genie bottle on ‘I Dream of Jeannie’

I Dream of Jeannie - Master finding the bottle
One of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’s most memorable sets was the inside of Jeannie’s true home — her bottle. But in reality, instead of the actual bottle being an exotic antique, its origins were much more humble — and much more local. It was, in fact, a cleverly-painted Jim Bean Scotch Whiskey decanter.

The smoky green crystal decanter was a bottle made especially for the Christmas season. It looks like it hit the shelves in 1964 (when the ad below came out), and the company reportedly stopped making the bottles in the early ’90s.

Watch where you put that bottle

Who says the people who produce television are not sensitive? Barbara Eden says they have strict orders on the set of “I Dream of Jeannie” that the bottle in which her genie character lives can be any place in the house except the bedroom of the astronaut, played by Larry Hagman. (November 12, 1966)

Major Nelson (Larry Hagman) finding the magical bottle on a beach
I Dream of Jeannie - Master finding the bottle
Beam’s Choice bottle (1964) – The original Jeannie bottle

Of course, the guys who know great bourbon aren’t going to be impressed by fancy decanters. Even when they’re made of fine, smoked crystal, like ours.

Because when it comes to holiday giving, the real Bourbon drinker likes to give the whiskey he respects most. And we think he’d pick Jim Beam even if it came in the same old bottle we use all year round.

Then why did we fuss with crystal decanters and big, beautiful gift packaging? Especially when we don’t charge any more for it?

Holiday spirit, gentlemen. Holiday spirit.

Jim Beam bottle - I Dream of Jeannie bottle

Jeannie and her color TV bottle

I Dream of Jeannie and her bottle

Get ready to make your wish!

The bottles, from left to right: Barbara Eden with a painted Jeannie/genie bottle; the original prop bottle from I Dream of Jeannie; and a plain Jim Bean decanter, minus the label

Jeannie bottles

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