Perry Como & Dinah Shore on NBC on color TV (1956)

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Here they come on NBC in a blaze of Color!

… and it’s like meeting them for the first time

Perry Como & Dinah Shore on NBC on color TV (1956)

Perry Como & Dinah Shore

PERRY COMO! Watch for Perry’s great new season of Saturday night shows… a number of which will be in NBC Big Color. On color TV, you’ll enjoy the whole show — the sets, the costumes, the warmth of Perry’s smile. You’ll feel as if you’re meeting Perry Como at last!

DINAH SHORE! Dinah’s coming back for a bright new season of full-hour Chevy Shows… many of them in NBC Big Color. You can watch her in black and white, of course, but it takes a Color TV to bring a vivid personality like Dinah to life. One look at Dinah with her Dixie eyes blazin’ in NBC Big Color, and you’ll feel as if you’re meeting her for the very first time.

MORE BIG NEWS IN COLOR! Perry and Dinah are only part of the Big Color story. In the next couple weeks alone, you’ll enjoy Kay Starr and Louis Armstrong in an original musical of Producers’ Showcase of September 17th. You’ll thrill to Esther Williams’ Aqua Spectacular on the 19th. And most weekday afternoons, you can see live full-hour plays in Color in NBC Matinee Theater.

This is the year that NBC is a blaze of color! Don’t miss another minute of it.

Perry Como & Dinah Shore


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