John Stamos is lonely (1984)

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Despite the high hopes for Dreams, John Stamos’ TV show that debuted in 1984, the program only lasted for 12 episodes. But there’s no need to feel bad for Mr Stamos — just a couple years later, he hit gold with his role as Jesse Katsopolis on the long-running series Full House.

Why his new TV show is making it even harder for him to get a girlfriend

Come September, John Stamos fans are going to have a big reason to celebrate — John will be starring in a new TV series called Dreams. The name of his character is Gino Minnelli, and for a description of the show, we went straight to John for the real lowdown on his exciting new show.

“It’s called Dreams,” says John dreamily. “It’s about a young musical group. I play a rock singer. We’re in Philly trying to make it as a band. It’s sort of shot like a video,” explains John. “It has a lot of music in it and I really enjoyed taping it.”

This, as you probably know, is John’s first short at prime time, and he left a very successful role on General Hospital to be available for opportunities like Dreams. “I’m taking a crack at it and will see what happens,” says John about his first nighttime show. And, although this is a big step forward for John’s career, he had mixed feelings about leaving GH. “A lot of people move on from General Hospital and forget it — I’ll never forget it. I love that place and the good things they did for me.”

But as much as GH meant to John, he felt it was time to move on. “I want to do everything,” says John. ” “I love the singing [on Dreams and with his band, The Bad Boyz] and I love the acting. Right now, I’m in a real developing stage. I’m working on my acting. I want to do it all. After the series, I want to come back and do a hit film, maybe even an album or a Broadway show!” says John excitedly.

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Well, it looks as though John has plenty of ideas on where he wants to go with his career, and thus far, many of his hopes and plans have already come true! But, we were wondering what’s happening with John Stamos’ personal life. Any romance on the horizon for handsome and lovable John?

“I don’t have a ‘special girl,'” confesses John. “I wish I did! I’m getting kind of lonely. When you reach a small level of success, you need someone to share it with. That’s why I love being with my family. They were so excited that I landed the part on GH, and this is even more exciting,” says John referring to the Dreams deal.

Why, we wondered, doesn’t John have a “special girl”? “No one will put up with me,” jokes John. “I date a lot, but no one real steady. I’m running around a lot, so it’s kind of unfair to have a steady, but I date as much as I can.”

Well, John, we know of at least a couple of thousand girls wh o wouldn’t mind putting up with yoru running around — as long as it’s with the Bad Boyz or shooting your new TV show Dreams! They miss seeing your face every afternoon on GH, and are looking forward to this fall when you’ll be appearing in Dreams at 8:30 every Wednesday night!

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