Hooray for those ‘Eight Is Enough’ girls! (1977)

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Eight is Enough TV show cast

Hooray for those “Eight Is Enough” girls!

“Eight is Enough” is one of the best shows on television, right? It’s not only interesting, funny and very true-to-life — but it stars three adorable guys and five terrific and pretty girls! Come and meet those girls now!

It really is the year of the girls (finally!) and the five “Eight is Enough” young ladies have helped make that series a big hit! Dianne Louise Kay, who plays the role of Nancy, is 23 years old. She’s got soft blonde hair and blue eyes, and her slender 5’5″ body weighs in at just 102 pounds! She’s into modeling, dancing, writing and swimming (Yoga, too!).

Susan Richardson, who plays Susan on the show, is 22 years old and has a head of gorgeous red hair and sparkling green eyes. Did you know she plays the trumpet? And loves roller skating? And making toys for children? She’s also a cat lover — and owns 8! Maybe that’s her lucky number!

Hazel-eyed Laurie Jean Walters stands 5’3″ tall and weighs about 110 pounds. She was born in San Francisco, California on January 8, 1952. She plays the middle daughter, Joanie, on the show. Laurie’s a lover of Italian food and when she started college it was to be a forest ranger! She took drama on the side for fun — but it turned out to be her career! Laurie says she “hates to cook, but loves to clean!”

Lani O’Grady comes from a show business family. Her brother, Don Grady, starred on “My Three Sons” for years, and Lani has wanted to act since she was 14. Today she’s 21! She describes herself as a typical beach-bum and lives close to the ocean where she spends free time working on her tan, swimming, and playing volleyball! She loves home cooking — anything! An animal lover, Lani owns a husky dog named Laramie, and she enjoys running him on the beach!

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Last but not least is pretty Connie Newton, who plays 15-year-old Elizabeth — the youngest girl. In real life Connie’s 17, and she’s got light brown hair (long and silky!), hazel eyes, and an adorable grin! Connie’s a tomboy half of the time — she loves wearing cut-off jeans and she often braids her hair. She’s a popcorn eater, and likes going to amusement parks to ride the carousel!

You can write to all the “Eight is Enough” girls in care of Tiger Beat Magazine! They all love getting (and reading!) fan mail and they’re all thrilled and delighted that you’ve made their show such a hit!

Hooray for those Eight Is Enough girls! (1977)

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