The famous, fabulous Fotomat drive-in photo stores (1977)

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Fotomat photo hut 1977

Everything you need for taking good pictures (1977)

Ten years ago, it would have been the corner store. Now you have nearly 3000 ways to get good pictures easier. They’re called Fotomat Stores.

We put them in shopping center parking lots. You don’t go into a Fotomat Store. You stop by it. And you don’t stand in line, because you don’t get out of your car.

You do get a person behind a smile who helps you with your picture problems.

The corner store is for toothpaste and funny books. The Fotomat Store is for film and developing.

Fotomat - Everything you need for taking good pictures (1977)

You err. Fotomat redeems. (1977)

Uh-oh. In the excitement of getting the kids to pose just right, you take a picture that looks like this.

Want to keep it? Fotomat gives you a choice. Keep it if you want, bring it back if you don’t. We’ll develop every printable picture on your roll of film. Then you decide. If you’re not tickled with any print, come in to the Fotomat Store and we’ll buy it back. In cash.

The Fotomat No Fault Foto Guarantee

Fotomat photo processing

At the Fotomat Store: There’s no such thing as a snapshot (1979)

The word “snapshot” seems to convey the image of a quick, easy-to-shoot picture that’s relatively unimportant in the photographic scheme of things.

Quick and easy. Certainly. Unimportant? Certainly not.

If anything, snapshots are the most important pictures of all. Without fuss or fanfare, they capture the once-in-a-lifetime events and the unexpected, unrehearsed moments that become your most cherished memories. And that’s exactly how Fotomat treats them.

From the time you leave your film at the Fotomat Store till the time you pick up your prints, we handle your snapshots with all the care and concern they deserve.

Vintage fotomat

Fotomat Store: Photo pickup promise (June 1977)


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Fotomat will now tell you exactly how fast your pictures will be developed and ready. We’ll put the day and the time right on your receipt. Like this. If your pictures aren’t ready, we’ll give you a roll of good, fresh Fotomat film. Free.

This offer is good for all Fotomat and Kodak film. United States participating stores only.

We might miss. But don’t count on it. Just count on good pictures from Fotomat. Ready when promised.


Vintage Fotomat photos ad 1977 (2)

Fotomat ad (September 1977)

Fotomat guarantees when they’ll come in, and how they’ll come out

Vintage Fotomat flyer

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