The New York Giants baseball team in 1894

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From 1883 to 1957, when the team moved to San Francisco, what was the name of the baseball club playing games for Manhattan? The New York Giants. Here’s a look at the NYG in the early days!

The New York Giants baseball club in 1894

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New York base ball club 1894

The seventeen team players are…

  1. Park A Wilson
  2. Charles A Farrel
  3. George Van Haltren
  4. Roger Conner
  5. Jouett Meekin
  6. Huyler Westervelt
  7. Amos Rusie
  8. WH Clark
  9. Lester German
  10. John J Doyle
  11. John Ward
  12. MJ Tiernan
  13. George S Davis
  14. WB Fuller
  15. Edward Burke
  16. James Stafford
  17. WH Murphy

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