Fotomat drive-in develops friends overnight (1972)

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Fotomat photo drive-in 1972
The idea of Fotomat came from the mind of a man named Charles Brown, and the little shop first opened its window in 1965, in Pinellas, Florida. By 1970, the company had nearly one thousand franchised drive-thru photo stores.

We develop film at Fotomat. And we develop fast. In fact, with most types of film, you can pick up your pictures the next day.

We also sell Kodak and Polaroid film. GE Flashcubes. Eveready batteries. Even some Instamatic camera models.

FOTOMATES: She’s your Fotomate. She knows quite a bit about film and developing, so you’ll find her very helpful. (And a lot prettier than the corner druggist or the guy at the camera store.)

1972 Fotomat

We develop friends overnight

Film today – prints tomorrow

Fotomat - We develop friends overnight

VIDEO: Vintage Fotomat TV commercial (1977)


Shoot the works – Fotomat one-day photo service

(Fireworks for Independence Day/Fourth of July)

Shoot the works - Fotomat one-day photo service

Get your summer’s worth

Fotomat 126-12 color print film (fits all instant loading cameras)

3 rolls – $1.99

We develop friends overnight

1972 Summer Fotomat

Double Feature at the drive-in

Buy 2 of anything before Easter, and we’ll knock off 10%

Fotomat film and flash sale

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