Youngest automobile globe-trotter (1914)

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Youngest automobile globe-trotter has traveled 1,000 miles a month

18-months’ old John Edmund Hammond cranking papa’s cycle-car

Los Angeles, Cal, April 23 [1914] – “Howdy!”

Youngest automobile globe-trotter 1914Speaking this, the only word he knows, John Edmund Hammond Jr, the youngest automobile globe-trotter in the world, cranked up his father’s cycle car here recently and began his fifth trip across the American continent.

John Edmund Hammond Jr is only 18 months old. He has made four trips between Los Angeles and New York City. He has covered a total of 15,000 miles.

He has, during his brief life, traveled an average of more than 1,000 miles a month, including the more than 3,000 miles he will make on his fifth journey.

And he will say “Howdy!” and smile a chubby, cherubic smile at every city on his route.

Of course young John Edmund Jr will not actually drive the machine. He will be accompanied by his parents, Mr and Mrs John Edmund Hammond of this city.

They are going to break the American one-driver automobile record, they say. They have crossed in 23 days and now they are going to try it in 20. They are going to travel in a two-cylinder cycle-car and expect to make an average of 200 miles a day.

Hammond Sr has made two trips around the world on a motor cycle. He was a riding partner of Bobby Waithour in a number of the six-day bicycle races in Madison Square Garden, New York.

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