When men make calls

In making an afternoon call, a man usually leaves his overcoat, umbrella or stock, hat and gloves in the hall before enterlng the drawing room. He may, if he chooses, carry his hat and stick into the room at a first or formal call, if it is to be very brief, except at a reception. He removes his right glove before offering to shake hands.

He never offers his hand first, but waits the invitation of his hostess. If she is behind her tea table, she may not rise to greet him, but gracefully includes him in the conversation and perhaps bows her adieus.

It is an evidence of good breeding to enter and leave a room unobtrusively.

It is not usual to introduce a guest upon his entrance to more than one other. He never shakes hands when presented to a woman, but always when introduced to a man.

The lady always gives invitation to call. A man must not go beyond an evident pleasure in her society by way of suggestion. Sometimes a woman friend will exert herself for him. The sooner the call follows the invitation, the greater the compliment. A fortnight is the usual interval.

– Mrs Burton Kingsiand In the October (1900) Ladies’ Home Journal

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: October 14, 1900

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