Crowds seek war news at the Sun’s bulletins

Every day, from early in the morning until dusk, crowds numbering thousands may be found in front of The Sun’s bulletin boards on which the latest war news is displayed. They fill Park Row in front of The Sun building, except for the lanes kept open by the police for the street cars and other vehicles, and they mass themselves on the sidewalk of City Hall Park opposite and extend back into the park itself.

The intense interest felt in each bulletin is manifested in the comments which are exchanged among neighbors in the crowds. A conspicuous feature of the crowds is the number of people obviously of foreign birth or parentage. These are of many races and both their faces and their remarks show that they have a near interest in the struggle in progress in Europe.

Late in the afternoon, the crowds increase, and a new and more enthusiastic element is added. This is composed of the baseball fans who are unable to get to the ball grounds and who find a satisfying substitute for an actual sight of a game in watching each play as it is reproduced on The Sun’s baseball bulletin board. When the ball games are over, the crowds diminish rapidly.

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Source publication: The Sun - New York, NY

Source publication date: 13 September 1914

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