Turn spray cans into clever Christmas decorations (1970)

Stocking stuffers are child’s play

These Christmas stocking stuffers decorated by the children for mom and dad show how deodorant cans can be used for a family holiday project.

What will mom stuff the stockings with this Christmas? Here’s a new answer to the old question. Have the kids decorate cans of spray deodorant into old-fashioned caricatures. The instructions are simple to follow and the materials inexpensive.

Here’s how to make the old-fashioned woman shown in the picture.

1970-Turn spray cans into clever Christmas decorationsYou will need one nine-ounce can of deodorant in decorator colors of black and gold; a two-inch styrofoam ball cut in half; 4-1/2-inch oval construction paper for hat brim; 7-1/2-inch by 2-1/4-inch construction paper for the tube; 12-inch ribbon length for front bow; 21-inch ribbon length for hat; 7-1/2-inch length of lace for trim; 7-1/2 inches of ball fringe; assortment of Christmas ornaments; one dozen straight pins.

Shape construction paper around the can coyer, forming a tube. Tape together and attach hat to tube with glue. Glue lace around can cover bottom, forming collar, and attach bow with blue. Attach ball fringe around bottom of can with glue. Attach hat ornaments and ribbon to styrofoam ball and draw face, using colored pens.

For the old-fashioned gentleman, use a nine-ounce can of spray deodorant in green and gold colors. You will also need a two-inch styrofoam ball cut in half; three-inch styrofoam oval for brim; 7-1/2-inch by 3-1/4-inch construction paper for tube; one-inch by 6-1/2-inch strip of construction paper for the collar; 1/4-inch ribbon, 10 inches long; three-inch construction paper oval used for vest in red and white; construction paper for mustache; candy cane and pens in assorted colors.

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Cut styrofoam ball in half and attach brim to ball with glue for derby hat. Shape construction paper around the can cover, forming the tube. Tape together. Attach hat to top of tube with glue. Attach collar strip with glue and fold back corners.

The vest is attached from inside tube with either tape, staple or glue. Attach the bow and candy cane. Draw face with colored pens. Cut construction paper into mustache shape, paint black, and glue. Paint hat with water-base paint only.

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