Titanic: Newspaper men barred from Carpathia

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Newspaper men are barred from vessel

They will not be permitted to board Carpathia before she reaches dock — no photographers allowed at pier

Every effort to facilitate the landing of the Titanic’s survivors when the Carpathia docks at her pier on the North River tomorrow night or early Friday morning will be made by the immigration and customs authorities, officials of the Cunard Line and the New York police.

The plans were made known in various announcements tonight and provide for the fullest protection of the survivors and their relatives from interference from curiosity seekers and newspaper representatives until they have left the Cunard pier.

Customs regulations, It was announced, would be suspended and all aliens among the survivors will be immediately discharged by the immigration authorities to their friends and relatives as soon as they leave the ship, although such as may desire will be taken to Ellis Island and cared for.

The various officials announced that they would permit on the pier only friends and relatives of the survivors who will be admitted by a pass after having established their right to obtain one at the Company’s offices. No photographers of the press, they stated, will be admitted, and the police will rope off a large space outside the pier to keep back curious crowds.

Although government officials have signified their willingness to allow newspaper representatives and relatives of the survivors to board the ship from revenue cutters before she reaches the dock, the Cunard officials indicated tonight that this privilege would not be granted. In that event, the full story of the great disaster, except such details as may be received by wireless men, probably will not be learned until long after the Carpathjn bus docked.

The White Star officials announced that arrangements have been made between their company, Commissioner of Immigration Williams and Mayor Gaynor, for caring for the third class survivors in the city’s municipal lodging houses. Those who are in financial distress or without aid from friends or relatives will be sheltered by the city, it was stated, until they can obtain employment or other relief.

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Photo: Crowds awaiting the arrival of the Carpathia, New York

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