The woman of the future (1900)

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The woman of the future

by Mrs I Lowenberg, President Philomath Club

Every age from the dawn of civilization has brought forth new developments in which woman has always played an important part. Her impress and moral influence are engraved on every step of the world’s progress and woman’s power and true worth are today given glad recognition.

She is no longer the ignorant, soulless thing of former times, but she has put her foot on the rung of the ladder, determined to climb to the top. She has organized and become a power; let her now use that power to the best advantage. She has done much, but she can accomplish more. Her possibilities are unlimited. Where will the centuries bring her?

Woman has always been “a ministering angel,” man’s comforter and friend, assuaging his grief and alleviating his pain. From the cradle to the grave it is woman’s gentle hand that leads and teaches him by precept and faith, patience, peace, love and hope. She has always exercised a restraining influence on men’s fighting propensities and hers is the power that must turn the mind of man from thoughts of martial glory and colonial possessions to sentiments of peace; carnage and riot shall cease.

The Hague Peace Convention left a blue rift in a clouded sky for a day and then behold! All was darkness again. What is civilization if that civilization does not tend to make man better as well as wiser? This boasted civilization of ours falls to pieces when stripped of its veneering and reveals man’s innate evil propensities in all their hideousness.

And the God whom we all worship – is not his voice of anger expressed in the famine, plague and misery that follow in the wake of war? To alleviate this woe is, indeed, an herculean task. And though woman’s intellect may be developed to any extent; though she may gain name and fame in the study of celestial phenomena; may paint, write and build; may sit in the White House or in the halls of justice; may develop in all directions — yet no deed in the broad field of the world’s action can bring her a larger tribute of love, admiration and gratitude than the accomplishment of the abandonment of war.

For when justice, sweet peace and harmony follow in woman’s footsteps then, indeed, has she fulfilled her truest and highest mission.

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