The question of birth control (1920)

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1920-Has a mother the right to decide how many children she will have

Has a mother the right to decide how many children she will have?

How the women of Holland have answered the question of birth control

The war has made us realize that we cannot afford to ignore anything that claims to improve the health of our children; and this is why Pictorial Review, in line with its forward-looking editorial policy, presents to the thinking women of America the opportunity for considering the much misunderstood subject of scientific birth-control.

Everybody has heard of birth-control, but comparatively few people know what it really means. Many people are shocked at the very word. Pictorial Review does not take sides in this discussion; but when a conservative country like Holland boldly endorses the movement and publishes its reasons for so doing, it is time we looked into the matter judicially and impartially.

The remarkable story of what the women of Holland have done under the leadership of Dr Aletta Jacobs is graphically told by Eleanor Kinsella McDonnell in the mid-winter issue of Pictorial Review. In this illuminating and inspiring account, there is valuable information for every woman in America. In Holland today — Holland, mind you — slow-moving, conventional Holland — they have a smaller death rate and a higher healthy birth rate than in any country in the world.

That fact is inescapable. And Dr Jacobs states that this is due to a sane understanding and appreciation of birth-control. Whether this is so or not, is for the women of America to judge after reading this amazing article.

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