The latest Paramount motion pictures (1922)

Paramount announces its greatest program of motion picture entertainment

Some of the silent movies featured:

  • The Dictator
  • Blood and Sand
  • The Face in the Fog
  • The Young Diana
  • The Valley of Silent Men
  • Burning Sands
  • If You Believe It, It’s So
  • The Siren Call
  • The Ghost Breaker
  • The Bonded Woman
  • The Cowboy and the Lady
  • The Top of New York
  • The Loves of Pharaho
  • Manslaughter
  • To Have and to Hold
  • Her Gilded Cage
  • The Mysteries of India
  • Nice People
  • Pink Gods
  • The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
  • The Young Rajah
  • Singed Wings
  • Anna Ascends
  • Back Home and Broke
  • A Daughter of Luxury
  • Clarence
  • Kick In
  • Thirty Days
  • Little Old New York
  • Enemies of Women
  • The Impossible Mrs Bellew

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