The daily fun hour: Follow-ball race (1922)

1914-Ed Konetchy, baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates, standing, while holding a medicine ball

The daily fun hour: Follow-ball race

This game is usually played with a medicine ball, but a basketball or any other sort of air-ball will serve the same purpose. The players stand in two lines, facing one another. The lines should be about twenty-five feet apart, forming what is called a hollow square, open at both ends. Four pegs may be driven into the ground, one at the beginning and one at the end of each line of players, or flat stones may be used to mark the corners of the hollow square.

The first player at the right end of each line takes the ball for his side and runs all around the square, behind each row of players. Each ball runner attempts to “tag” his opponent with the ball and also tries to avoid being tagged himself. When he returns to his starting point without being tagged he passes the ball to the next player in line, who immediately runs with it, following and being followed by the second player in the opposing line.

The first player then goes to the foot of the line, and the whole line moves up one space. This follow-ball race continues until a running player from one side ball-tags the runner of the other side. This counts ten points for his side. Game is fifty points.

This game is sometimes called “Medicine Ball Pursuit.” The medicine ball, which is sold in all first-class sporting goods stores, is, as its name indicates a favorite ball for healthful exercise, but is rather heavy for general use.

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