Properties for sale in fast-growing Queens (1911)

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Fast growing Borough of Queens properties for sale or rent

Forest Hills – 12 minutes from Pennsylvania Station to Forest Hills


10 complete houses for sale, $6000 to $13000

15 in course of erection, which will be ready for occupancy July 1st. First payment 10%, balance in monthly installments. Sewer, water, gas, electricity, macadam streets, cement sidewalks.

62 William Street New York City – Forest Hills, LI – Elmhurst, LI

Own your own home – 1100 choice building lots

25×100 feet at Elmhurst, Borough of Queens, Long Island — The center of Greater New York

Nearer, in point of time, to City Hall, New York, than Harlem and the Annexed District and most parts of Brooklyn. Why live in crowded cities when your children have scarcely a chance to breathe, owing to poor ventilation, dark surroundings, etc, with nothing at the end of the year to show but rent receipts?

Remember, we are only 12 minutes by train to Penna, RR Depot, 25 minutes by trolley, and only 33 minutes by electric cars of Brooklyn City RR Co to City Hall, Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Bridge, and 59th Street, New York, Pennsylvania Terminal Station.

11 houses in course of erection, 5 houses ready for occupancy – Single family detached, semi-detached and two family

$6300 to $20000 – 10% down – Balance in instalments

Cord Meyer Development Co

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