Old-fashioned jewelry is new again (1906)


Old-fashioned jewelry

One of the most striking features of the moment in the realm of jewelry is the sudden revival of the antique as regards both the settings and the gems themselves.

Old-fashioned and cumbersome brooches, massive chains, heavy gold or enamel buckles, and enormous lockets of ponderous weight are nowadays as much valued by the fashionable world as was the delicate Italian filigree work which was so much in vogue a few years ago.

Stones, whose names had almost been forgotten and of whose existence no one excepting perhaps the stonecutters themselves were aware, are once more assuming an important place in the latest schemes, and are responsible not only for letter-weights, trinket boxes, and such personal matters as umbrella tops and charms, but are being turned to account as jewelry of a definite character.

Image: Jewelry from 1878

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