Men’s ties

The correct dress tie is a string tie, either in silk or in linen, and either black or white.

For business and for afternoon wear, there are handsome broad ties of silk, in pongee, in English novelty goods and American mixed stuffs. Many of these are figured, and the prettiest show a little red, or a little purple with a background of a richer, darker shade.

The four-fold scarf and the Ascot lead, with the wide tie called an English square coming a close third.

The four-in hand is worn this fall with the scarf-pin placed right in the center and as low down as possible. As for scarf pins, if you like novelties, select a peacock pin, for peacock colors are to be worn wherever possible. There are exquisite peacock eyes, mounted in gold and worn as pins, and there are handsome cabochon emeralds, and stones that look like emeralds but are classed among mock gems, and are exceedingly pretty for fall wear.

The latest cuff button shows a monogram.

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Source publication: The Commoner (Lincoln, Neb.)

Source publication date: September 22, 1905

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