Mrs Astor’s diamonds

It is probable that Mrs William Astor, the leader of New York society, has more diamonds than any other lady in America, and, as the best taste ordains that an endless array of jewels shall be worn at the opera, she adorns herself without stint, and fairly blazes a defiance at the electric globes around the roof of the Opera House.

It is a fact that women have been known to attend the German opera for the sole purpose of seeing Mrs Astor in all the glory of her decorations, and there is no doubt that she is as great a drawing card for certain society ladies as Lehmann, the handsome soprano singer, is. As Mrs Astor wears a different arrangement ot jewels on each opera night, she provides an inspiriting variety of pictures.

A huge V of diamonds was running from the bust down over tbe front of her corsage, so that the apex ended at the point of the dress waist, was an ornament that was greatly appreciated one night last week. With this was a firmament of diamond stars that encircled the top of the corsage and ran over the shoulders on the narrow straps. The ostrich tip of varied stones worn in the hair was also warmly admired by Mrs Astor’s friends, as well as by the jewelers that were present. The fact is the lady was laden with fully a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of precious stones.

Image: 1890 portrait of Mrs Astor (Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor) by Carolus-Duran

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Source publication: The Pittsburg Dispatch (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)

Source publication date: December 22, 1889

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