Home remedies

  • Parsley eaten with vinegar will remove the unpleasant effects of eating onions.
  • Cold boiled potatoes used as soap will clean the hands and keep the skin soft and healthy. Those not over-boiled are the best.
  • Charcoal powder is good for polishing knives without destroying the blades. It is also a good tooth powder when finely pulverized.
  • Straw matting may be cleaned with a large coarse cloth, dipped in salt and water, and then wiped dry. The salt prevents the straw from turning yellow.
  • Potato water in which potatoes have been scraped, the water being allowed to settle and afterwards strained, is good for sponging dirt out of silk.
  • Tea leaves, used for keeping down the dust when sweeping carpets, are apt to stain light colors; salt is the best in the winter, and new mown hay in the summer.
  • Buttermilk is excellent for cleaning sponges. Steep she sponge in the milk for some hours, then squeeze it out, and wash it in cold water. Lemon juice is also good.
  • The white of an egg, into which a piece of alum about the size of a walnut has been stewed until it forms a jelly, is was a capital remedy for sprains. It should be laid over the sprain upon a piece of lint and be changed as often as it becomes dry.
  • A lump of fresh quicklime the size of a walnut dropped into a pint of water and allowed to stand all night, the water being then poured off from the sediment and mixed with a quarter of a pint of the best vinegar, forms the best wash for scurf in the head [dandruff]. It is to be applied to the roots of the hair.

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Source publication: The Colfax Chronicle. (Colfax, Grant Parish, Louisiana)

Source publication date: April 03, 1880

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