Map of the Battle of Antietam

A. “East Wood,” where Hooker engaged Hood’s Division from sunset till dark, the 16th.

B. The “Cornfield.” where Hooker and Jackson began the terrible contest at dawn, the 17th.

C. “West Wood,” where Sedgwick’s charge was repulsed.

D. Roulette’s House, where French and Richardson dislodged D. H. Hill about the time Sedgwick charged.

E. “Bloody Lane.” where D. H. Hill reformed and was again dislodged. Ricardson was mortally wounded in Field E.

F. Hagerstown turnpike, where Irwin’s Brigade was repelled.

G. Piper’s House, where D. H. Hill, reinforced by R.H. Anderson’s Division, fought.

H. Where Stuart attempted a flank movement, and was driven back by Doubleday’s 30 guns.

J. Scene of Pleasanton’s movement.

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K. The heights gained in the charge across “Burnside’s Bridge.”

L. The ford, from which Toombs was driven.

M. Burnside’s lines completed the defeat of D. H. Hill’s Division and gained the outskirts of Sharpsburg.

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