Jackie Kennedy Mamie Eisenhower First Lady-To-Be Visits White House

Mrs Eisenhower takes Mrs Kennedy on a tour of the White House

Mrs Mamie Eisenhower, who will move out of the White House January 20, yesterday gave a friendly one-hour tour to the new tenant, Mrs John F Kennedy. Like their husbands at a meeting earlier in the week, the ladies seemed to get along famously.

Jacqueline Kennedy made her surprise visit to the White House to size up possible redecorating just hours after leaving Georgetown University hospital with her new son [John F Kennedy, Jr]. But it was necessary because she left shortly afterwards for Florida where she will remain until a few weeks before the Inauguration.

The 31-year-old future first lady praised Mrs Eisenhower as “very gracious.” She said Mrs Eisenhower offered her the use of a wheelchair for the tour. She declined and walked most of the way.

Someone asked if the two women discussed the matter of a nursery at the White House. Mrs Kennedy smilingly replied, “no, don’t ask such silly questions.”

Upon leaving, Jacqueline told the outgoing first lady, “Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You don’t know how I appreciate it.”

Mrs Elsenhower, who was give a similar tour by Mrs Harry S Truman in 1952, replied, “I was very happy to do it. You have a nice time going south.”

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Source publication: Lowell Sun (Lowell, Mass.)

Source publication date: December 10, 1960

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