Fiery love letters play a big part in sensational divorce case

Mrs Amelia Clara Zuck, wife of a wealthy farmer of this city, girlhood friend of Mrs Wm K Vanderbilt, and daughter of FJ Schoeman, business associate of Adolph Sutro and Jas G Fair, California pioneers and multimillionaires, is the defendant in a sensational divorce case.

Her husband, Jas R Zuck, charges that Eugene Wycoff, a young farmhand in his employ, was her affinity and has introduced as evidence several letters, which he claims were written by Mrs Zuck to the farmhand affinity. One letter, introduced as evidence, reads:

1913-Amelia Clara Zuck“Gene, Gene, Gene, my darling, oh how I long for you. For heaven sake, this is terrible. How sorry I am now that I did not come to the city months ago. Now I have to return. I love you, Gene, yes, I love you dearest, and oh, no matter if I look as old as the hills and as homely as a pig. I must have you dear, so perhaps you had better be blindfolded, so you will think of me as I am now, and only see me so always.

“When I am old and gray you will still be young and handsome, and will be tempted by young and pretty girls; but darling, I am willing to risk that to see people grin and turn away – yes, even to hear them say; ‘That woman must be crazy,’ for I love you and hope you will always love and think of poor me. Remember that I cannot always look as I do now, dear. These years are my best looking days. And I thank God that He has been so kind as to give me that now, so that I have you, darling, and I pray you will not change.

“Oh, darling, I live over every moment we have had together, from the night we sat in the buggy at the gate, and I offered you that white wine in the dining-room, when we came into the house. And oh, after that, Gene, you darling kid, I loved you, and darling, from then to now.

“Now I love you and I am happy, yes happy, in the thought, and may we both be happy together and live for one another some day, not far away. R phoned this morning and, dearest, he intends to come up here tonight and oh, if it were you, I’d jump and scream with joy. The poor boy loves me, I know, but it had come too late. I am yours.

“Gene, you must, must, must, must come to me. I will just have to tell R tonight that I must see you, oh, Gene, I must.

“How I hope the day will come when you can call me your darling wife. Oh, Gene, that word, when I belong to another! Oh, but I can’t help it. God forgive me for writing this way, but I am true. It is from my heart. God bless you, my darling.

“Your loving girl, Mollie.”

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Source publication: The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.)

Source publication date: May 10, 1913

Filed under: 1910s, Love & marriage, Newspapers

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