Lincoln’s sister-in-law casts first vote at 103 (1914)

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Abe Lincoln’s sister-in-law casts first vote at age of 103

“I’m old enough to vote, ain’t I?”‘ jestingly asked “Grandma” Sarah Todd, 103, sister-in-law of Abraham Lincoln, who recently cast her first ballot.

“I’m a Democrat, and mighty proud of President Wilson. Folks say he is like Abe Lincoln. Then he’s a mighty good man. My second husband was Mrs Lincoln’s brother. I try to keep up with politics, but it is sure one big job.”

Grandma denies that she is getting old. “Just look at my hair; see how black it is?”

“I reckon work don’t hurt nobody,” said Grandma. “When I was a girl I did a man’s work as well as a girl’s. I began picking seeds out of the cotton when I was three years old. I started to cardin’ and spinnin’ when I was so small that they had to build an inclined runway for me to stand on. I hoed corn from daylight ’till dark, and I got out fence rails and learned to spit cordwood.

“I’ll never forget the Civil War. It was terrible. My first husband, Henry Hyslipp, joined the Union army from Missouri. He was wounded in the leg. One time there was a battle near our place; law, but I was scared. The wagons with the wounded went by and the blood was dripping from them. I don’t want to see no more war.”

1914-Lincoln's sister-in-law casts first vote at 103

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