LBJ on civil disorder report & Nixon raps investigators (1968)

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LBJ comments on civil disorder group report

President Johnson has called the study by his Commission on Civil Disorders one of the most complete ever made, but still hasn’t commented on its conclusions — sharply criticized by Richard M Nixon as racially divisive.

Johnson, addressing savings and loan executives Wednesday at the White House, made his| first public comment on the report by calling it “one of the most thorough and exhaustive studies ever made” of urban problems.

He recommended its reading, but did not say what he thought of its conclusions.

Campaigning in New Hampshire for the Republican presidential nomination, Nixon said the report in effect blamed “everybody for the riots except the perpetrators of the riots.”

The former vice president also said the panel “put undue emphasis on the idea that we are in effect a racist society.”

He said there should be more talk about reconciliation of the races and less about racial division.

Nixon raps Johnson’s disorder investigators

Richard M Nixon accused President Johnson’s advisory Commission on Civil Disorders Wednesday of in effect blaming “everybody for the riots except the perpetrators of the riots.”

He also complained that the panel “put undue emphasis on the idea that we are in effect a racist society.”

Nixon said the nation needs more talk about reconciliation, less about racial division. The former vice president criticized the report of the While House panel on city rioting as he campaigned in Keene [New Hampshire] for next Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary.

“One of the major weaknesses of the President’s commission is it in effect blames everybody for the riots except, the perpetrators of the riots.” Nixon said in an interview with Radio Station WKNE. “And I think that deficiency has to be dealt with first.”

“I believe that we’ve got to make it very clear to potential rioters that in the event something starts next summer that the law will move in with adequate force to put down rioting, looting, at the first indication of it.”

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