Kitchen furniture for Miss Paper Doll (1911)

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Kitchen furniture for Miss Paper Doll (1911)

Kitchen furniture for Miss Paper Doll

Three pieces of kitchen furniture for Miss Paper Doll are being published this week. You may color them before cutting them out, according to your own taste, but naturally the stove should be dark gray or black. The other two pieces are a table and a chair, which will look well if colored yellow or white and blue. The table may have a white top with blue supports.

Paste the entire sheet of furniture on letter paper so that the different pieces will be stiff enough to stand up. Then cut out each piece neatly and fold along the lines pointed out by the arrows. Cut the straight slits which you see, into which are to be thrust the tabs. The slits are most easily cut with a knife. When this has been done, thrust the tabs through these slits and paste them down.

If you did not make the box apartment as described in this page several weeks ago, you may now make a kitchen of a separate box, which should be at least eight inches long, seven inches wide and four inches high. The floor may be stained a dark brown or painted yellow, which is a good color for a kitchen floor. The walls may be colored in any tint that you prefer. The floor may have a square or oval rug of colored paper pasted in the middle of the floor. Cut a window in one wall and a door in another and take one of the long walls away and the top off, as then the furniture will be more easily placed.

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