How to make egg shell dolls (1909)

Make Easter egg shell dollies

by Lina Beard

The little eggshell dollies are so bewitching, you will surely want a lot of them to be used in many ways — as toys to play with, as gifts, as favors, as place cards on the table, in circles or groups as a centerpiece and glued to pieces of pasteboard as Easter cards.

How to make egg shell dolls (1909)

How to make Easter egg shell dollies

Select half a dozen or more eggshells. Turn them all upside down to rest on their cut edges, then trace figure 2 on white unruled writing paper and cut it out. You can make any number of the dolls very quickly by laying the one you have flat down on paper and running a lead pencil line all around its edge, which will give the outline of another.

Repeat this process as many times as you want dolls, then cut them out, ink the hair and features on the head, bend back the extension “A” at dotted line and, with hot sealing wax attach the doll to the shell. By turning some of the dolls over before pasting them to the shell and marking the reverse side with features. etc., part of the group will hold up the right area while others lift their left, as in the photograph. Paste a different colored bright tissue paper sash on each little lady.

eggshell doll templates


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