How to make a box apartment for Miss Paper Doll (1911)

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How to make a box apartment for Miss Paper Doll

Girls who are fond of paper dolls must be sure to start in today to make the apartment for paper dolls which is described and pictured here, because some very attractive furniture for the apartment is to be published in the page for boys and girls on following Sundays. The doll’s apartment should be made during the coming week, so that the first furniture may be put in when next week’s paper arrives.

To make the apartment, all that is necessary is a pasteboard box 24 inches long by 14 inches wide and 4 inches deep. These dimensions are the best for the size furniture which in to be published, but if your box is an inch or two longer or shorter or wider or narrower, it won’t matter very much. If you can not secure a box that is at all near this size, it is best to get a larger box and cut it down. A box may also be made of cardboard of the proper dimensions.

The box is divided by a straight partition which goes down the center and two crosswise partitions, which divides the box into six rooms of equal size. One long side of the box is taken off, as the apartment is to be entirely open across the front, and this sidepiece is used for the long partition which goes down the middle of the box. Before putting the partition in place, you should make the doors which lead from one room to another, and which are shown in the picture, and paper or color the partition with paints to suit the different rooms.

In order to do this, first decide what color you wish for the walls in the rooms or what paper you are going to use. Divide the long partition into three equal parts by making slits which reach from the bottom half way up the side. Then cut the crosswise partitions long enough to cross the box and four inches deep. These may be cut from the box lid. Each of these crosswise pieces is divided in the middle by a slit which reaches from the top half way to the bottom. Fasten these cross partitions on the lower partition at the places where it is cut, and then place the partition in the box temporarily to be where each section of wall comes. Then, with a pencil, mark on each side of the wall of each room which room it is so that when you take out the partition, you will know how to color or paper it. Then remove the partition and paper or color each of the two walls made for each room by the partition according to the way you have marked it.

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Paper or color the remaining wall of each room made by the side of the box to correspond. Use pale gray, pale green, cream color or tan for the walls, except for the kitchen, which should be white or yellow.

Next, cut the doors in the two partitions. There is a pattern for the small door frames and one for the large door frame printed. Cut these out and lay them on white or cream colored paper and cut out the door frames. Then paste each door frame in its proper place in the partitions, so that when the partition is in place the doorway will come as it should. Cut away the cardboard inside the door frame. There are not really any doors, but the white paper frames will look like a colonial finish. There must be frames for each side of the wall.

The windows are all printed here. Cut them out and paste them in the back wall of the apartment and in the two ends. The diagram will show you where to paste them. Some of the furniture will be published shortly.

Click the image below for a larger printable version.

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  1. I would love to make this dollhouse and appreciate your instructions for this along with the kitchen and living room furniture that I found. Do you have print outs for furnishings for the other rooms? I appreciate any help that you can give me regarding this project.

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